Why You Need To Fail

Here’s Why Sometimes You Need To Fail

When I was a teenager I would watch these incredibly successful people on TV. In my mind, I’d be like “I’m gonna be like them one day.” They were superheroes in my eyes and I was just amazed at how quickly many of them like Oprah Winfrey and Veronica Roth rose to success. At least, that’s how it looked to me.
I only saw where they were at the moment of success. In all honesty, I never saw the behind the scenes stuff. It wasn’t until I started building my own business last year that I realized that sometimes you just need to fail. If you’re looking at me with a very puzzled look on your face that’s absolutely fine. Let me explain exactly why I say this.


Society has really tried their best to show us that failure is absolutely unacceptable. If you fail, you’re a horrible person and you’ll never have the kind of life you’ve always wanted.
I simply don’t agree.
To me, there is no such thing as a “failure”. I believe that you never truly fail if you keep trying and that not succeeding really teaches you what doesn’t work.
Some of the biggest companies and media personalities in the world have had their fair share of unsuccessful ventures in the past. The one thing these ventures taught them was that the present idea they had just wasn’t the right one.They just needed to work on perfecting the idea of doing a few tweaks then try again. 
Think of it this way: when you fail once or twice, it shows you what doesn’t work this time so the next time you try you don’t make the same mistake.


Have you ever tried to do something you really wanted to do and failed? Then once you failed, it only made you really want to try again? 
Failure is an amazing motivator. I believe that when you don’t always a success, it teaches you important lessons that keep you going in life.
It also teaches you that no matter how many times something tries to know you down and knock you out, you need to keep going. You need to understand what it means to get back up again.
What if everything you ever did in life came easy to you? You’d probably never understand the value of hard work and after a while, successes would mean nothing to you. Appreciate the times you have failed and understand that they have made you the resilient individual you are today.


If I had written this post a few years ago, my opinions would have been very different. I used to believe that failures meant you were stagnant and you would never get anywhere. That was flawed thinking.
In all the years I have lived and every single time I’ve failed, I have learned some very valuable lessons about myself and my purpose.
If I hadn’t “failed” in my past relationship I wouldn’t have understood that there is more to life than abusive, manipulative men. 
Failures have taught me that the world is an amazing place and I want to see everything I can. They have taught me that I have the ability to pack my bags and move all the way across the world, and survive. 
During the past few years, I have learned what it truly means to have God by your side, what it means to be humble and what success can truly look like.


I’ve watched dozens of babies crawl, stand up and fall down multiple times in my life. I have seen them cry and I have seen them get bruises and it hurts.
The one thing that always makes me stop is the look on those babies’ faces once they actually start walking. They are so happy and laughing, and it melts my heart.
Failing, failing and then succeeding is such an unbelievable feeling. If you have never failed at anything in your entire life then you will have absolutely no idea the amazing feeling that comes with success. It’s completely unexplainable.
There is such an intense sense of satisfaction and that is one thing no-one can ever take away from you.


In life, you will do things and immediately be successful. You will also have to work at some things multiple times before you do succeed at it. It’s okay to fail. 
It is more than okay to have to keep doing something until you get better at it. But it is never okay to give up.
When you give up you show that you never really wanted it in the first place. You show others, and more importantly yourself, that you’re just not strong enough to keep going.
Take these failures as stepping stones. Use them to move on to the next goal; to the next destination, life has for you.
Being successful doesn’t come overnight so keep at it. Keep perfecting your path and remember: those who gave up had absolutely no idea how close they came to actually succeed.

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