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On this page, you will find YouTube videos that go along with the articles on this site. You will see the name of the article, a link to the article, and then the video that goes with the article below. For the product review section, there will also be a link to all of the products as well if a link is able to be found. There will be mini-sections to separate the many different video types below. There is Pokemon, Product Reviews, Collection, Food, DIY, and more categories of videos. With many times of content, there is something for everyone. I will also include a playlist for any series or let’s plays I do!

YouTube Videos:

Pokemon Content:

Pokemon Leafgreen Randomizer Nuzlocke Playlist:

What’s In My Bag? (Pokemon Edition)

Pokemon Moon Review

Kanto Region Badge Review

Anime Content:

92 Anime’s You Have To Watch (article)

College Content:

Types of College Students

The Do and Do Nots of College Life (article)

Product Review Content:

The Speaker That Speaks Up (article)

Link to Purchase:

Action Camera Review

Link to Purchase:

Gray Felt Letter Board Review

Link to Purchase:

The Creator Community Needs You (article)

Links to purchase all the shirts shown in the video are below.

Demonetized shirt:
Men influencer shirt:
Women influencer shirt:
Creator shirt:

The Haunting Of Hill House Review

Makeup Content:

That Dizzy Life Does My Makeup!

Food and DIY Content:

How To Make Chocolate Pie

3 Minute Fudge

Blooming Onion Fail

How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

Interview Content:

Interviewing an Artist

Collection Content:

Crystal Collection

To answer the questions of why my content is not just the same category, let me say that life is not just one thing. Life is made up of little things across all types of people and content. I do so many different forms of content to show that there is always something out there for everyone.

With different forms of content, you will find that there are only people that like one or two kinds of it. That just goes to show that no matter how much you do or try to accomplish, you will not be able to please everyone. Live your life like you want to, and do not worry about pleasing other people. Someone will always be there to judge you and your life choices. The best way to live your life is to do what makes you happy. Remember to not be concerned about what other people think. Living my life on the Internet has taught me that in so many ways.

I hope you guys like these videos. I will be updating this page as new content comes out live. You can stay updated by following me on YouTube below or on my Instagram @amandaswritelife. You can also click either link, and you will be redirected to the prospective social platform. If you have any video requests, please let me know on the contact page! I am always looking for more content ideas.

You can find my other YouTube videos on my channel Amanda’s Write Life, see you there!