Time To Stand Up

Are you a person that knows when it is time to stand up to something? In life, you will find that some people get things handed to them. They don’t even have to work at anything it seems. It’s not fair right? How can you stand it against them? 

There will always be someone that seems to have it better off than you. The world is full of people that don’t have to fight for what they have. People are considered lucky if they end up not having to fight.
Those people will stand out because the temptation to flaunt their wealth is too strong. You may know them for how they act. 

Have you ever stood up to someone?

They will stand out as having an attitude that’s better than everyone else. That’s not always true. 

They aren’t always the person that is horrid to everyone else. Sometimes, people just get lucky. Fate was on their side. They are the lucky ones.

Not everyone finds it so easy to stand out. People are used to being in the background. Certain people were taught to not stand out and don’t rock the boat. 

Then there are those that fight for everything. Nothing was handed to them, or they had to work twice as hard for that job. They strive to prove themselves every day all to better their lives.

In high school, there was always the popular girl. She had everything she wanted and more. There was nothing she went without. She never worked for anything. She stood out then. Now, she can’t hold a job.

Life has a funny way to teach you what you need. You may have been that outcast in high school or college or even your old job. It wasn’t all bad.

You learned to stand up for yourself and work hard. You know how to stand out now. The time of letting the people fate blessed have the spotlight is over.

Now it’s your turn. The outcasts, rebels, misfits, and geeks are standing out now. It’s cool to be different and make your own way.

So stand out. You earned it.

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