Tech Is For Everyone

There is an old saying that the nerd in school will go on to be the CEO of a huge company and make millions. However, that nerd is always portrayed to be a male. What about all of the female nerds out there that want to be the CEO?

Most of the time girls are told that they need to focus on their looks and trying to find a man to do everything for them. There is and has always been a “Glass Ceiling” for women that want to pursue a career. That is simply not fair and should be remedied at all costs.

One industry that is huge right now in the tech fields filled with smartphones, computers, Virtual Reality, smartwatches, and more. That field is mostly male, and it has always been that way. Those males will make a good amount of money. Why can’t women do the same?

Women have the same ability to do the same things as men when it comes to the careers that they chose to take for themselves. If a girl wants to go into the technology field, she must be prepared to deal with a mostly male environment. 
She must put in more effort than her male co-workers simply to avoid the stereotype that women don’t work as hard as men. Men always say that they do it all, and women are the ones that are behind the scenes. Women can be in any field they chose. 

Women in the I.T. field must not know as much as their male co-workers, but they must also present themselves as professional women that won’t give up on a project. Girls in school that intern at a company will find themselves surrounded by men hoping that they have what it takes to compete. 

The tech industry always will be extremely competitive, and there is no end to that with all the new technology advances coming out. Women who want to work in the industry shall have to deal with sexism, constant sexual references in some form as most women in an all-male workforce have experienced some form of sexual harassment, and constant doubt of their ability.

With all of these negative aspects of the tech industry and all industries really, women know that their work is cut out for them. Women are hard workers that know their worth. 

In the future, the people that make your games like Candy Crush or the newest social platform will be more women. Men and women will work together to usher in the new tech in style. Women won’t have to deal with the “Glass Ceiling” or the stigma of working with all men. 

Technology is brilliant and here to stay. There are women empowerment movements all across the globe. Tech is something that millions need, and something that some people dream to work on. Let’s make this happen.  

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