Ricky The Rock Book Review

Ricky The Rock says hello. I was able to interview the CEO of a new book publishing company in my latest post. Today, I will be reviewing the book that I helped the market, Ricky The Rock That Couldn’t Roll. A book for children that was just released by a newly founded publishing company. 

First Impressions

My first impression of the book is the more basic color scheme it has throughout its pages. Most children’s books are bright and colorful all over the cover and inside the pages as well. This book has a white background with the important features in color making them stand out a lot more. That is a new take on an illustration for me. Also, I have to say that it paid off very well in terms of effect. Being drawn to the colorful rocks was fun. That allowed me to pay more attention to the storyline that was being told. Ricky’s story doesn’t have the typical font that is expected of children’s books.

First Time Reading Impressions

Which I quite like the change of pace. Personally, I lean more toward the cursive or less rigid fonts. Personally, I feel that books should be fun. It’s far easier to have fun when the words seem to come alive on the page. Allowing a story to be told in a way that is remembered by those that read it is such a positive event.  I also went on record to ask others what they thought of the book, and if they would buy it.

What Did They Think?

I asked my mother about her thoughts on the book. If she would have read it to me and my sister when we were little. She said that if it had been in production at that time she would. She thought that it was very noble of his friends to not give up on him. Also, she liked how everyone pitched in to help Ricky and solve the problem. Mom also said that had this book been around when I was little she would have read it to m. Which I found pretty cool since that’s the goal. Her viewpoints on the illustrations were nearly the same as mine. She liked how everything was put together. 

My sister also read the book. She is a teenager. Likewise, she would much rather read other books. She did have a nice thing to say about Ricky and his friends. She found the illustrations to be the best part about the book to her, though she did enjoy the story. Her taste in books is very different so her enjoying the illustrations was cool. 

What’s The Story?

Rocks hanging out on a hill tell our story. They spend their days rolling down the hill while enjoying the company of their close friends. The main character is Ricky, and he has a disability that hinders him from having fun with his friends. Rather than his friends giving upon him, the rocks and pebbles band together to help him have fun. Issues are overcome, and the everyone has a happy ending.

Overall Thoughts

Overall the book was found to be enjoyable to read, and there was an all-around positive rating on the illustrations. I will be keeping this book around. Also, I will recommend it to anyone that could have a need for it. If you or anyone else you know would like to order the book, you can find it here on Amazon

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