My Origin Story

My Blog Origin Story is finally here. I had always wanted to be a writer ever since I knew what writing was and why people did it. My reason for writing is to share a message that needs to be heard in one way or another. My writings can talk about topics that are not well discussed overall in today’s media because some topics need to be talked about even if it makes them uncomfortable. I know I am not the best writer, but this is my dream. This is a dream that I refuse to give up on. This is Amanda’s Write Life.

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to read and write stories and poems. When I was little, I was always wanting my parents to read a story to me. The school came around when I was five years old, and after that, I always had a book in my hand. Reading was always fun to me, and the other kids didn’t really get why I loved books and why reading was my favorite past time. Books told stories that I could not even dream of, and I was addicted to finding out what the next story was going to tell me.

When Did I First Know I Loved to Write?

I first remember I loved to write when the teachers would give out essays as assignments. I was happy about it because the writing was and is my favorite thing to do when I was little. Reading and writing were always my favorite things to do when I was little, and I was never able to run out of something to read. If I did run out of a book series, I would always find another one right off.  I would read the Harry Potter books, Series of Unfortunate Events, and lots of other book series. Reading to me was an escape from the world, and it was away from all the drama along with the pettiness of the other kids. 

Did College Affect My Love of Writing?

The writing was always my first passion in life. I have known since I was five years old that I wanted to spend the rest of my life writing stories. College was something that was always going to be in my future. I am just not cut out for the military, and I knew that. When it came time to decide on my college major, it was a great inner debate for months and months. I spent all that time trying to decide which of my passions I would follow to go on to get a degree.

When I started college, I started my major as a Computer Programmer. I had settled on that as a major because I enjoyed making web pages and websites. My school of choice did not offer Web Design as a major on its own so I learned to code. I am in my second semester of the program, and I am also on track to graduate in May of next year. My plan right now is to graduate from this school with a degree in Computer Programming then continue on to a four-year school to get a degree in Creative Writing. I have not decided which will be my major and minor yet. 

So What Made Me Start My Blog?

Writing is my passion in life, and I refused to wait for two years while I got my Programming degree so I could write again. I do not write for the money. Money does not matter to me, and my goal when I write is not to be the next big thing. I write because I love it. When I write, I get to make an entire universe or a whole new world out of nothing. That is the best feeling when you can create societies and people and new cultures out of your imagination. 
I started my blog to use as an outlet for me to still write while in college. I work with computers day in and day out. When I go back to my dorm, all I want to do is destress from the day and writing is therapeutic for me. 

I Write a Blog Because I Love to Write.

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