How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

How I Got Out Of My Own Way

Like many of us, I’ve always dreamed of having the kind of life where I could travel the world and make tons of money in my sleep. I’d legit daydream about it every single day as a teenager. When I became an adult something changed within me. I no longer felt like I could achieve that life. How the heck was I going to get there? It seemed impossible.

So many of you are going through the same thing. You don’t feel like you’re good enough and you don’t feel like you’re worthy. Truth is you’re standing in your own way and that’s the reason you can’t achieve anything. I had to learn how to move forward and I’ll help you too by telling you exactly how I got out of my own way.

I LET GO OF FEARTo get out of your own way something needs to change. There is something going on in your mind and whatever that is needs to be shifted. 

My “thing” was fear and that fear was standing between me and my dreams. It was time to let that fear go. So one day I sat down and made a list of all the things that terrified me about chasing my dreams. Then I wrote down reasons those “fears” weren’t real.

The longer I did this exercise, the more I realized that these fears were just that. They weren’t real and couldn’t control my life unless I gave them power.

Once I let go of the fear I could move forward.
I WAS INTENTIONAL ABOUT ACHIEVING MY GOALSMany of us (me included) enjoy making goals. We get excited to write down everything we want to achieve in life and by when we want to achieve them.

The problem is that a lot of those goals stay on the paper. They never get accomplished. Most times we don’t even look at them again.

We fall right back into the cycle of getting nothing done.

The day I decided to become intentional about achieving my goals changed things for me. I no longer made passive goals. I set goals that were meaningful.

I also made small steps every day to get me closer and closer to my goals. It worked!

Things were finally getting done! I was getting closer and closer to my goal! 

Intentional goal setting changed it all. It blew my mind!
Being consistent used to be one of my biggest issues. I wanted to do things, yes. I wanted that “Instagram life”, yes but I couldn’t achieve it.

Why was that? Why is it that I couldn’t complete anything I started? I was super inconsistent, all the dang time. It was a little bit crazy.

That’s probably your problem as well. You used to get up at 6AM and now you get up at 7 or 8 AM even! When you get home you used to enjoy reading a good book, studying a word a day and getting some quick exercise in.

Now you just do whatever you want whenever you want and expect to succeed. Naah boo! That’s not how it works.

Like I mentioned in my previous article about powerful women that you can find here, if you want to succeed then you need to set a routine for success.

Successful people are consistent. They always deliver on their promises. If there is a routine set for them, they follow it every single day.
Once you realize the things that are contributing to you standing in your way, you need to make a plan and fix them.

Otherwise, you’ll never be able to create the life you want and you’ll forever be stuck!

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