Dear Blind Girl,

You aren’t alone. There are lots of girls like you. 

You look around, and all you see are girls that are beautiful.

You see girls that walk around like the own the world or have it all.

Well, guess what? They don’t have it all. No one does.

Those girls may be beautiful. But so are you. You just can’t see it.

You walk around and see all these girls with their perfect hair and makeup.

Well, guess what? They don’t look like that naturally. 

No girl looks perfect. Know why? There is no perfect. 

Perfect is different to everyone that has a thought in their head.

Some girls see perfect as getting all the boys. That’s not what beauty means. 

And dear blind girl, please don’t let a boy tell you how to look.

A boy will tell you to change everything about yourself to please him. Don’t. 

The right boy will tell you not to change a thing. You are perfect the way you are. You are you.

You may not be the girl that always has a boyfriend. 

You may not be the girl that has lots of likes on her selfies on Instagram.

You may not be the girl that always has a date. 

You may not be the girl that gets married before she turns twenty-two.

You may be the girl that has never been in a relationship. 

You may not be the world’s version of the girl that everyone wants.

You don’t need to be that girl. 

Blind girl, you are beautiful. You are special.

You don’t need Instagram, dates, or anyone to tell you that you are beautiful.

Dear blind girl, remember your worth. You are important. 

You are in charge of your life, and no one else gets to say how you look. 

Blind girl, beauty isn’t all about how you look. 

Beauty is something that comes from you.

If you love telling jokes, then your beauty will come from your  laugh and smile. 

Beauty is how you treat others. Even if you look like a model, you can still be ugly. Be nice.

Beauty is something that you have blind girl. 

Beautiful girls don’t see their own beauty. You don’t see inside yourself in a mirror. 

Blind girl, beauty comes from the inside. 

You aren’t beautiful because someone tells you that you look good.

You aren’t beautiful because you get likes on social media.

You are beautiful because you love to be yourself.

You are beautiful because you don’t let people tell you how to be you. 

You don’t let anyone dull your sparkle even when you feel dirt. 

Dear blind girl, don’t let the world get you down. Be yourself. Love yourself. You are beautiful.


A girl that used to be blind 

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