Is DeadPulse Gaming PokeTuber Legit?

DeadPulse Gaming PokeTuber Explained

DeadPulse Gaming PokeTuber is (you guessed it) a gaming channel on YouTube. Since DeadPulse describes his channel as “making mainly pokemon challenge videos with witty commentary. I also make other gaming style videos. You should all join the fam by subscribing if you enjoy the content I make.”

DeadPulse has been posting content on the platform since 2019. While his content has evolved since his origin, he still rakes in views. DeadPulse started off his gaming channel as a Pokemon Nuzlocke channel. The first video he ever did was a Nuzlocke run of the Pokemon X game.

Was Pokemon X DeadPulse’s first Pokemon game?

My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Red when I was 7 played it for the first time. Kanto was the first Pokemon region that I was exposed too does not make me a Gen1er. Kanto holds a special place in my heart.

Why did DeadPulse Start With Nuzlockes?

Mainly the reason I started was that I was going through a rough time in my life. I needed an outlet to be creative. As for nuzlockes, I watched a few YouTube’s who made them they looked fun. Later, I decided after a while I prefer challenge videos. So I stuck with those also they get more views.

What are his channel goals?

As for my goals, I would say my goal is to make videos that make people happy and make people’s day that little bit better. Views are good because it means more people get to enjoy my videos and everytime I get a comment saying someone liked my video it makes my day

What is his advice for new PokeTubers?

For advice, I would say just keep trying to keep making videos until you find a niche you enjoy then stick with it. Doing everything you can to make good content will make your YouTube journey easier.

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DeadPulse’s Channel Trailer:

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