Date Ideas After Quarantine

Quarantine took a lot out of people. I know me and my partner are dying to go on a date when the cases of the not to be named virus are lower. While we were debating on a good date, I remembered I had written some down for a blog post. Here is that post!

  1. Make dinner for a picnic at night and go ride around until you find the perfect spot for you and your person to enjoy the night
  2. Stay inside and do dinner or a meal in bed, just watching all the shows that you two love together, having a chill no pressure date 
  3. Go to a real- live movie store, pick out a movie together then pop homemade popcorn at home
  4. Build something together
  5. Go canoeing!
  6. Attempt to like camping and being outside with no WiFi!
  7. Find a place to try hiking!
  8. Try to fish!
  9. Find the best happy hours in town and make the appetizers your meal.
  10. Get some thrift store tennis rackets and go to your city’s free courts.
  11. Go to the neighborhood pool.
  12. Fly kites!
  13. Test drive an expensive car
  14. Make a new recipe together

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