College Freshmen Advice

Dear College Freshmen,

You made it to college. It’s the best thing that you will ever do in your life if you listen to most to of the popular movies. High school was supposed to be amazing, but if it wasn’t the best thing ever for you then college will be.

That is what everyone tells you. They say that college will be the best four years of your life. You will meet your lifelong best friend here, and your soulmate could be right around the corner. You never know. 

There will always be the most insane things that you are supposed to do. They want you to be a straight A student. They want you to volunteer, do internships, make friends, get a job, and all of that on top of getting your degree. 

College is going to seem overwhelming at first. It’s a lot of new people in a huge campus all together for the first time. There will never be a shortage of people for you to talk to or make friends with at a time. 

There will still be drama, so the movies did get that part wrong. The drama does not stop after high school, sorry. People will still be the jerks they were back then if you do continue on with someone you used to know.

There will always be a girl or boy that think they are better than you. News flash, we are all adults by now. We really should not concern yourself with a popularity contest. All that matters now is having fun and getting your degree.

College will not always be tests, studying, and stress. It seems like it at first, but once you get a routine down, it won’t be that bad anymore. There will be times of anger and stress, but you will survive. You got this.

College will always have some sort of event going on so do not worry about making friends. They will show up. College kids love to party, and honestly who blames them? For the most part, it is everyone’s first time away from Mom and Dad. Party on. 

Look, do not feel like you have to go out and party every night to have that “college experience”. You don’t. Some people get in a relationship, and party with that person. Some people are fans of the hookup culture, and that’s okay too. It’s your life. Live it like you want. 

You will make it through college. You will graduate. Some people will graduate in two years from a junior college. Some go to a four year school and graduate then. Do not stress if you do not graduate in the amount of time expected. Take as long as you need to get your degree.

Love college. Make insane, awesome, fun memories while you can. Love every second, and do not waste your college years. They do not last forever. 


A College Girl

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