MCR : My Chemical Romance Is Back

MCR Has Returned After A Long Hiatus

MCR fans unite! Since it has been seven almost eight years since our favorite band has left us. My Chemical Romance ( MCR ) announced on Halloween 2019 that there would be a reunion tour! Tickets go on sale on 11/1/19 starting at 12pm.

Although fans of this band have gotten them trending on Twitter and YouTube with hashtags like #killjoysmakesomenoise, #mychemicalromance, and #likephantomsforever, news of their returned has just been released. The bands hashtags are now trending especially in the United States.

The Band is responsible for the emo songs of a decade that fans just cant forget. The names of those iconic albums are below listed in the order in which they were released with studio albums listed first, then live albums, then compilations, and finally the EPs. Everything is listed in the order it was released in among its category.

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