College Taught Me What Professors Could Not

If I had to list out the most important things that college has ever taught me, none would be from a classroom. College has taught me so much in the past year and a half that I couldn’t even list all of it.

College Taught Me That:

  1. Your first friends don’t have to be your forever friends.

2.Just because your friend meets their soulmate, doesn’t mean you have to.

3.Don’t stress over that one class, retaking it is an option.

4. High school drama is not over with, sorry to tell you that.

5. Group projects are still awful and always will be.

6. Remember 11:59 pm ALWAYS.

7. The cafe will get old, fast.

8. Just because it’s all you can eat, doesn’t mean you should.

9. The freshmen 15 is real, and can be even more than 15.

10. Friends come and go daily.

11. Don’t stress over a lost relationship, romantic or otherwise.

12. You will graduate.

13. Breaks suck when your friends are hours away.

14. You will miss campus at home, and miss home at campus.

15. Talk to that cute person, who knows what can happen?

16. You will get the degree.

17. Don’t listen to others all the time.

18. Not everyone has your best interest in heart.

19. You will survive.

20. You will miss it when its gone.

What Has College Taught You?

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