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Geekoto 38W Ring Light Product Review

I have been in the market for a ring light that is made solely for the purpose of attaching to my phone. A lot of my friends either have one or were in the market for one just like me. I was online one day a few weeks ago and saw I had an email notification. The company Geekoto had reached out to me. They wanted to review their 38W ring light.

Since I was already in the market for a ring light, I took them up on their offer. Flash forward a few days, the light had arrived. I was promised it was built for the sole purpose of fitting a phone. Upon further inspection, I found that was true.

First Geekoto 38W Ring Light Impressions

The ring light set came in a really big box with a lot of bubble wrap to protect the product which I liked. The stand for the light was in a smaller separate box that came in handy. When it was unpackaged, I found out that the light itself came with its own carrying case. I enjoyed that as it made it a lot easier to carry it.

As for the actual assembly of the ring light itself, it did come with a set of instructions. I feel as though for the price, it could have come with a better set of instructions. It did show a model of the light and explained what every item did. They just did not include any actual assembly.

After it was all set up, I wanted to test out the remote that came with the light kit. The remote took a minute to set up, but it worked well once it was done.

Overall Geekoto 38W Ring Light Thoughts

I really like the light kit. It extends to a height of over five feet tall. The remote works from eight meters away. The price was really good for the quality of light. Shipping was easy and a breeze. The kit is also eligible for free shipping. The assembly wasn’t hard once you figured out what one item did then the rest fell into place.

Would I Buy The Kit Again?

Yes, I would buy the kit again for the $90 price tag. I will leave a link here in case anyone wants to check the kit out.

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