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Love Knows No Bounds

Are you in love?

     Everyone seems to be so obsessed with being the prettiest girl or the best looking guy. When a girl points out a guy she likes the appearance of, her friends ask her type. A real love is so hard to find. 

     Society says that males love girls that have a thin waist, big butt, and big bust. That is supposed to be their type. What if they do not like that though?

     Lesbian couples are viewed as one of the girls being a “girly girl” while the other girl is a dyke, a girl that looks or dresses like a boy. That is not always the case.

     Gay men in a relationship are expected to have a certain type of haircut and dress a certain way and to even walk a certain way. That’s not how it works.

     People get stereotyped based on how they dress, act, look, their friend group, and their hobbies. People are more than a clothing item or a music taste.

     There are some people that go on dates, and no matter who they are dating there is always something that reminds the friends of that person of an ex they used to have.

     Those people have a type. Some people only date skinny girls, tall guys, bigger girls, short guys, or girls with blonde hair. Brown-haired girls, blue-eyed guys, brown-haired boys are never the main love interest in that popular song.

Love is blind.

     Some people have a type of person that they are simply attracted too no matter what. Some people are attracted to a personality more than the appearance of their partner.

     There are those people that when someone asks them what their type is they give the person a blank stare. Some people will date anyone as long as they appeal to them.

     Those people do not have a type. You can look through their dating history book, and you will not find a similarity between the exes besides the lack of current relationship.

     People are able to look past appearances to see someone for their true colors. Those people are diamonds in the rough when it comes to the dating pool.

     Appearances are not everything in a person when they are trying to date. There are those that will only date someone with a certain look or someone that will make them laugh.

     Humor is subjective just as the dating appeal to everyone is. No two people will like the same person for the exact same reason.

     When looking for someone to share your life with, you need to look around enough to know that the person you pick is your person.  A type should not matter when it comes to love.

Love comes from the heart, not the mind or anyone else’s thoughts or opinions.

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