August To Do List Will Save Your Life

Do you need a to-do list for a month?      

     Late summer and early fall is always filled with a lot of posts about different things all throughout the month. School starts for the little kids, teenagers, and college kids get ready to start the next phase of their life. Making a list has always been beneficial during this time of year.

     Time is basically nonexistent in August, and there is so much pressure to get in those last few moments of summer in so little time.

     The eighth month of the year has a lot going on in the time span of thirty-one days. Summer comes to an end for a part of the world and makes way for the fall of the year.

     Filled with sunshine, beaches, swimming, and parties galore, the summer months are some of the best. Known as the best time of year, summer has a lot to live up to in expectations. Summer was full of friends, fun, late nights, and all around happiness for most teenagers.

     Teenagers spent the summer having fun with friends, prepping for college, partying, or working to save up money for the school year. Teens adore summer like no other.

     Summer is the favorite time of most of the world’s population for clear to see reasons. Summer has the late nights longed for, beaches that are loved, and all the time to just hang out and not be stressed that is so necessary.

     Fun for most was put to an end at the first day of August.. August means school is back in town. Kids around the globe are sad this time of year.

Five activities to do before school starts:

  1. Plan a surprise beach trip
  2. Go to the park and watch all the clouds pass by under a shade tree
  3. Take someone out for ice cream just because you want to
  4. Hit up a thrift store for school shopping and find the best deal
  5. Throw one last party the weekend before school starts
    • Extra points if you make your own movie theatre


     August means that for most school starts within a week or two. Some people get lucky and start school in September and can soak up more fun in the sun.

     August is full of teens in school. Clinging children holding onto their mom or dad out of fear of school for the first time.

     There are some moms and dads sad to tell their teens goodbye as they go off to college for the first time. Some of those teens will be moving hours or states away from their family for the first time.

     Those teens are probably really excited to be going so far away from home on their own for the first time. Who can blame them? Spreading your wings is important to everyone. 

Letting go of people and places can be really therapeutic.

     August is filled with the last rays of summer, the start of school, tears from parents that will miss their kids, and kids along with teens that dread the start of school.

     Summer starts to wean into fall around the end of August. Changing weather will soon be happening so start getting ready for the rain and cold now (snow if you live somewhere that gets any).  Football season starts. Marching bands and football teams arise from the ashes and are reborn to play once again.

    Making a list is just one way to make sure that everything gets done. With how busy August is overall, using one is a great idea. Now you can have a good mixture of fun and work.

     August is full of all types of entertainment and different parts of life for many people. It is no wonder the month is packed with things to do. 


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