Everyone Wants A Taste Of Home

What’s your favorite food to cook just for the taste?

Everyone knows that the best food is the food that your mom makes because it always is the best when it comes to taste. Imagine after a long hard day of working at your job you come home to your mom making your favorite food. Got that image in your head? Good, now picture that all of the moms in town came together with only their best recipes. Keep picturing that for me. Now guess what? You can buy a cookbook filled with only the BEST recipes that the city of Laurel, MS has to offer. I know I love to come home from college to something my mom made.

The people of Laurel, MS are here to bring you A Taste of Home.

People go around and pay a large sum of money for Southern-styled food. How much money do you spend on eating out in a month, week, or year? Rather than waste all of that money on eating out so much, there is another option. You could learn some of the best homestyle recipes straight from the people that have loved them since they were little.

Found in the cookbook, you will discover many types of dishes along with many dishes that you already love with a little twist on them. There are many different sauces, fried chicken recipes, fried fish recipes, mac and cheese, potatoes, and so much more. If I took the time to list all of the many dishes found in the book, it would take a while. I would have this article be more than three thousand words long if I tried to list every single recipe.

If you love to bake, don’t worry, there is something in this book for you as well. If you love to fry food, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will find here. There are countless of seasoning recipes perfect for your next big attempt at making something new.

When you use a recipe from this book, the food will turn out amazing every time. Nowhere else will you be able to find a cookbook filled with more tried and true recipes to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

To purchase A Taste of Home, click here.

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