Beauty Is All Around Us

Beauty is all around us in every shape and form.

There are so many beauty standards in the world today that it is excessive. Everyone everywhere wants to be deemed beautiful by the world today. The world that we live in today is corrupt. Men should play a certain role that the majority of the people feel is not right for women. Women are meant to become mothers and wives. We as a people are not equal in this world. Men are held to a higher regard than women in many cases.

There are other cases where men are mocked and harassed for doing or enjoying past times that have mostly been for women in the past. Something that’s been in the media lately is everyone wants equal rights. There are people that think that no one is allowed to speak against those topics without getting attacked whether it be verbally or physically. Equal means that everyone and anyone are held to the same standard or level playing fields.

Well, there are a few things wrong with the world that need to be fixed before equal rights will happen. Men and women have a rather large standard difference. Girls around the world are overly sexualized while boys can walk around shirtless, and no one cares. Girls shouldn’t fear wearing certain clothes. Boys should be taught that women are not just objects that are there to please them. No one will ever be equal until men are able to wear makeup, and women can walk the streets at night without fear.

There are so many double beauty standards out there.

Girls are expected to remain virgins their entire lives until marriage and have no interest in sex when boys are expected to have a lot of sex. Girls should be allowed to want sex as much as the boys. Boys that want to wait to have sex shouldn’t be mocked for it either.

Girls with short hair are viewed as lesbians and mocked if their hair looks remotely like boys. Girls should be allowed to have their hair as they want, not how society wants it. Boys should be allowed to have long hair and not be seen as gay or a hippie if that is the style they pick.

Men and women should look and dress however they please.

If someone wants to dress in black pants and rock band t-shirts, please let them do it. If a girl loves Starbucks, Uggs, and leggings, who are you to judge her. We as humans need to see that everyone has their own likes and views on the world. That doesn’t make them wrong.

People have a right to dress and act how they please. More often than not, a girl is judged if she is outgoing or reserved as being either a prude or a whore. That isn’t how we should be looking at each other. Girls are loud, and introverts, and everything in between.

People do not have to conform to the standards society has set for them.

Boys do not always have to act like the tough guy in the movies that do not give a damn about anyone or anything. It is okay for boys to cry and to show emotions. There is certain beauty found in being able to be one’s true self. Embrace that beauty and never let it go.

Love should not be skin deep.

I hate to tell you this, but the magazines that tell you that you can find love in a week are lying to you. You can’t just walk outside and find the person that is the utmost attractive to you and have them fall in love with you. Men and women base love on so many requirements for their partner. They must be tall, kind, smart, tan, brown hair, green eyes, beard, no beard. We should not use appearances as a way to see if we could love someone.

I am guilty of not dating someone because of their appearance. I need to do better at not judging someone based on how they look. My guilt is not the only one out there that has done this to someone. Love is deep. Love is kind. There is no boundary to love. Love knows no limit. The size of your waist should not determine the love you receive. Every size is beautiful whether it be seen in magazines or not. Your waist, chest, butt, or height does not define you as a person.

A boy that is short or of average height is just as much of a person that deserves love than someone who is six feet tall. A girl that has to buy plus size clothes is just as beautiful and desired as someone who is a size 0. Boys don’t have to be tall dark and handsome to be awesome.

Be yourself and that will make your beauty shine through.

A six pack of abs on a boy does not define who he is as a person. Stretch marks and fat rolls are common in girls and do not define their beauty or who they are inside. You are beautiful even if you don’t fit society’s stereotype of how you should look.

We are all human, and humans are in many shapes and sizes. People need to embrace the things that make them unique.  Everyone is beautiful, and today’s society has a bad habit of telling us that we aren’t.

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