Social Media Likes Don’t Like You

What is your favorite social media?

There are a lot of social media platforms on the Internet. Becoming Famous has never been easier. You can be a Youtube star, Tumblr queen, Twitter king, and you can Instagram your way to fame. Social media lets us become popular, and lets us be who we want. But all those likes, don’t always like us.

Likes are how most people tell who is better than who. Likes tell us who has more people watching for their posts. Followers mean popular and better, Right? Wrong. Likes don’t always like us. Followers don’t always like us, and some followers follow to hate.

Why do they follow us then?

Social media is great for keeping up with family and friends, but people that do not like you can follow you too. People that do not like you follow you or like your photos to be nice to you. They do it to be mean. People can be rude, and they can use anything they find to belittle you. They feel brave behind a computer screen. They are cyberbullies.

Social media has taken over our lives in the sense that if someone doesn’t have Instagram, they are crazy. We Snapchat our friends and family rather than talk to them or even text them. We post something for our friends, but our enemies see it instead.

People will post things to anger others and start fights. They think that more followers mean more people like them. Their social accounts are their lives. We were not meant to be like this. We are more than our Instagram likes and Tumblr followers. More people are starting to think their worth is tied into how many followers they have online. We are more than likes, reblogs, retweets, and screenshots.

Cyberbullies are real, and they are not shy. They are people that have nothing better to do than talk trash about you on the Internet. People are far braver behind a phone screen or a computer screen, and that means they get mean. Likes do not always like you.

Be careful of who follows you on your social media.

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