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Dear Senior, Are You Ready For Life?

Dear Senior,

The day that you have been waiting for is almost here. It was a long journey, was it not? It seems like just yesterday you were a scared kid walking through the halls for the first time.

Senior, do you remember your first day?

You did not know anyone at your school. The few that you did know had changed so much that they seemed to be a different person. Everything was different, and you were nervous. The highlight of your week was Friday night football and the band’s halftime show. You ended up finding some friends.  Even some of your old friends came back, and you were all slowly getting used to all these new things. Some of you even added new friends to the group. Senior, do you remember that cute guy you “dated” for a month freshmen year? Oh, how you blushed so easily and were shocked at these new feelings. Your friends had relationships too, and some of them were worse than others. It’s okay. You were young.

Senior, do you remember your sophomore year?

You had found friends, and you had started to learn your place in the social circles. You and your friends started to learn the world was a cruel place. It seemed like every time something good happened. Something bad took its place. It’s okay Senior. All that made you stronger, and you are better for it. Never forget what you learned. The end of the year was all about prepping to prep for college and all that stuff. You didn’t care.

Senior, do you remember your junior year?

It was only a year ago, and it seems so far away. Everything you did was about college, and everyone wanted to know about your future. You had no idea what you wanted to do, and it seemed like everyone else did. That was okay.

You still had Friday night football and all your friends. Classes did get harder with at least someone in your friend group failing a class, but it was okay. We powered through, didn’t we Senior? Junior year came to an end, and it seemed like you were jumping out of your skin.

Senior, do you remember August?

It was the first day of your last year in high school. You were so excited to be almost done and gone away. Everyone was so happy, and all the parents were sad. You went to every football game, and you spent so much time with all your friends. Those are some of the best memories you have of high school. You spent months hoping May would hurry up.Well, Senior, it is almost over. You have nearly done the one thing you strived to get done. The time has come. You survived the past four years of your life, and they were not the best for most. In August, you and all your friends will be in college. You will be out in the real world.

Take a breath, Senior.

Take a minute to stop and look around. Memorize everything. Everything will only be like this for a little while longer. Do not take these last few moments for granted. Do senior stuff. Go to Prom. Be silly. Hang out with your friends and family. Live in the moment.


An Old Senior

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