Dear Graduate, It’s Time

Dear Graduate, are you ready?

The time has come. It has been years in the making. It’s March, and that means an ending is on the horizon. May means that Graduation season is upon us.There are countless seniors in high school ready to graduate and go on to the work force, start their college journey, or those that want to serve our country. Those seniors have went through all of grade school together, made new friends in middle school or junior high, and have found love and a part of themselves in the last four years.For every senior in high school, there is a college senior. All seniors are looking forward to the day that they no longer have to write an essay. They have dealt with a lot of new situations in the past years.

College Graduate, you aren’t forgotten.

There are many college seniors that have waited on the day they finally are able to say that they graduated. Those are starting to make something of their lives. Junior colleges are two years of non-stop essays, projects, peer pressure, and self doubt along with sleep deprivation. Many seniors that come from a junior college go on to a university to advance their education. There are some that will go on to join the workforce in their dream job. University graduates are probably the most excited and depressed for the day they have waited on for four years. They have made many memories in the past years with new people.

Graduate, don’t forget the memories you made.

All of the seniors about to graduate are going to enter a new stage in thier life. Some will go on to college and better their lives. Some will go on to work and earn their money the way they want. Others will go on to defend our country as they have dreamed about since their childhood.

So get ready Graduate.

Life is about to change. Take a deep breath. Go on and embrace you’re future.

It’s almost here.

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