Like Anime? Here Is A List of 92 Animes

How is everyone doing this Spring? Ater doing my blog origin story, I wanted to write about something else I love. At my school, the club I joined is about to go on a trip to a convention. What club did I join? I joined my school’s anime club. All we do in our meetings is discuss anime and watch different animes that people have suggested.

The club is really fun, and there are awesome leaders for the club. My club does fundraisers to like a bake sale or a craft sale. We all gather around on Friday’s to watch our shows and talk about the plans we have going on for the next time frame until the next meeting. The club is going to the local anime convention, and in honor of that, I decided to write a list of anime you need to watch. I want to do a shout out all to the club members that may read this so Hey Everyone!

One to Ten

1.Seraph of the End
2.You’re lie in April
3.Fruits Basket
4. Erased
5. Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress
6. Say “ I Love You”
7. Naruto
8. Naruto Shippuden
9. Boruto
10. Attack on Titan

Eleven to Twenty

11. Bleach
12. Sword Art Online
13. Beelzebub
14. Noragami
15. Tokyo Ghoul
16. Deadman Wonderland
17. Psycho-pass
18. Hunter x Hunter
19. Ouran high school host club
20. Death Note

Twenty One to Thirty

21. Hero Academia
22. Mob psycho
23. Koe no katachi (silent voice )
24. Magi
25. Inuyasha
26. Bungou stray dogs
27. Ajin
28. Mekakucity Actors
29. Vampire Knight
30. Kotoura san

Thirty One to Forty

31. Seven deadly sins
32. Anohana
33. Re-zero
34. Desert Punk
35. Samurai 7
36. Samurai Champloo
37. Black Lagoon
38. Berserk
39. Taboo-Tattoo
40. Terror in Tokyo

Forty One to Fifty

41. Survival game club
42. Children who chase lost voices
43. Overlord
44. Angel Beats
45. The ancient magus bride
46. Akame Ga Kill
47. Black Butler
48. Yugioh
49. Hetalia
50. Pop team epic

Fifty One to Sixty

51. Super Sonico
52. Bee and puppycat
53. Tiger and bunny
54. Neon Genesis Evangelion
55. Blue Exorcist
56. Mirai Nikki
57. Fairy Tale
58. Steven Universe
59. One punch man
60. Darling in the Franxx

Sixty One to Seventy

61. B: the beginning
62. Kokkoku
63. Violet evergarden
64. The disastrous life of Saiki k
65. Cardcaptor Sakura: clear card
66. Steins; Gate 0
67. Kakegurui
68. Full metal panic
69. Yuri on ice!
70. Free!

Seventy One to Eighty

71. Kuruko’s basketball
72. My Neighbor Totoro
73. Kiki’s Delivery Service
74. Howl’s Moving Castle
75. Spirited Away
76. The Cat Returns
77. Ponyo
78. The Secret Life of Arrietty
79. The Castle in the Sky
80. Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Eighty One to Ninety

81. Princess Mononoke
82. When Marnie Was There
83. Your Name
84. Wolf Children
85. The Secret of the Kells
86. Parasite
87. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
88. Citrus
89. Bravest Warriors
90. Camp Camp

Ninety One and Ninety Two

91. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
92. Assassination Classroom

That Was 92 Different Anime

Which Anime Have You Seen?

Have you seen any of these? I went around and got a few of the club members to help me with the list so shout out to you guys! This post is really not like any other my others, but I wanted to have some fun with this one. You can find more about this article and anime from the YouTube video below. If you love these anime or this post, please let me know. 

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