A Day In The Life Of Youtubers

Where do you go to look at a funny video you’re friend showed you? Most likely the answer is YouTube. YouTube has been around since 2005, and it has changed how we see the world and entertainment. YouTube was at first a place to post a funny cat video, and now it has turned into so much more.

Anyone can rise to fame with the help of viewers, subscribers, and those that love to share what they love.You can find almost everything on YouTube. There are storytimes, animals, DIYs, ghost stories, gaming, makeup, and that is just scratching the surface of the platform. You will also find the nicest, talented, and passionate people alive a click away.

YouTubers seem to have it all, right? They have fame, followers, fans, money, and more. There is a secret that only other YouTubers know and that no one else seems to believe. YouTubers don’t have it easy like some people think they do. They spend hours and/or days editing videos, doing retakes, and hoping that it turns out okay.

Their fans that they love so much are always counting on them to have the best content out there. YouTubers aren’t allowed to have a bad day or week.

If they do not post a video at least once a week or more, the fans they love leave them. They suffer from thousands of hate comments over a mistake they made.

They spend most of their time doing videos while life can pass them by because they love it. Making videos is the one thing that makes a YouTuber happy until it doesn’t anymore.

Makeup channels must be perfect and never mess up a cat eye. Don’t smudge the eyeliner. Gaming channels must be loud, rude, and make the viewer laugh while playing a different game every week.

Tech channels aren’t that popular but must always make you learn something difficult. Don’t make it too complex or long! No one will watch. DIY channels have to come up with something new, fun, and easy that people will actually do.

Hack channels must find new and tried hacks that haven’t been repeated a million times to get views. Vlog channels have to have something new and interesting every time they do a video. Better have a lot to do.

Do a video once a week? They may be good enough for some people. Better have good content or else you lose everything. There is a silver lining for the YouTubers, and that is there loyal fans that stick around no matter the issue.

They have a passion for videos and making people smile. Youtubers spend all that time on a 5-minute video to make someone else happy. They have some of the most loyal fans out there that don’t mind a 3-month hiatus.

Yeah, some YouTubers make money off of it, and those are forced to rely on people watching them, sponsors, and random videos that go viral. That’s their job, and it’s one of those jobs without a guarantee of a paycheck tomorrow. Platforms disappear all the time, looking at you Vine, but YouTubers stick around because they love to make content for people that enjoy them. Don’t hate them for doing what they love. Some YouTubers have been here for years and want to keep on making videos for a while for fans that love them.

Some YouTubers didn’t make it that long. They were brilliant when they were here and are missed. Next time you watch a video on YouTube, take the time to leave a like and a comment even if it wasn’t the best video. They did their best. Even if it’s as simple as a smiling emoji, it means the world to the person on camera.

YouTubers love what they do, but they do more than we think.

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  1. Exactly creating a Youtube channel is one of the hardest jobs to do and I take my hat off to anyone who manages to keep up with it. Its not just creating videos, but also interacting with followers, editing and more. Much like blogging in that sense!

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