15+ Activities To Do In Quarantine

My area has not yet been quarantined. However,  a lot of people I know are isolating themselves as much as they possibly can in order to keep loved ones safe. 
My apartment complex is taking part in staying indoors and not going out just to go out. A lot of my friends are bored. Most people I know are in college, and they just got their lives turned upside down.
While trying to stay positive and keep away cabin fever, I decided to make a list of 10 things you can do while being (self)quarantined.

  1.  Journal about your day
  2. Start exercising
  3. Learn how to juggle
  4. Learn a new food recipe
  5. Pet your dog
  6. Play with your cat
  7. Teach a pet a new trick
  8. Dye your hair 
  9. Clean your room
  10. Reorganize your kitchen
  11. Redo the living room
  12. Start a YouTube channel
  13. Stream a video game
  14. Play your favorite game
  15. Eat candy for dinner
  16. Eat candy for breakfast
  17. Binge that new Netflix show
  18. Rewatch an old favorite cartoon
  19. Watch 92 animes
  20. Become a hermit and sleep all-day

Some of these are meant as a joke to lighten the mood. Some of these are things that I and my roommates are doing since we all have to be in this together. 
The cat is LOVING the attention, and I won’t say who decided candy for dinner was a good idea to protect them from the Karens of the internet. (It wasn’t me I swear!)
Stay safe out there!

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